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We want to reward our customers for their loyalty. Joining our loyalty scheme gives you access to exclusive rewards and benefits. The more you spend on site, the more money back you’ll receive.

  Create an account to join The Crue Loyalty Scheme

*If you've already got an account you have automatically been enrolled*

To receive email updates about The Crue Loyalty Scheme you must make sure you have signed up to our Newsletter   

*If you've already signed up, you will automatically receive updates*


Once you're part of The Crue you will be able to start earning points. Every time you go up a tier you will be notified by email.

The higher the tear, the higher the reward.

Bronze: Sign up and create account

Silver: Spend Over £500

Gold: Spend Over £1500

Platinum: Spend Over £3000  

*Expenditure is calculated based on a rolling 12 month period*



There are different ways you can gain Crue Points:

For every £1 you spend
Join The Crue
Subscribe to the newsletter
Birthday gift
Referred friends making a purchase
Follow us on Instagram
Like the page on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter