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The Iconic Vintage T-Shirt, Reinvented

The Iconic Vintage T-Shirt, Reinvented

Reinventing the iconic vintage t-shirt & modernising it with luxury cottons, washes and an oversized fit for a serious every-day garment. 

The washing process was tried and tested throughout 2018, where we experimented with different manufactures and wash houses to ensure durability and softness, resulting in a triple enzyme washed garment, crafted in London. Perfecting our environmentally friendly enzyme wash and softening technique has been essential in capturing the element of nostalgia required for this ‘washed-out’ garment. 

With nostalgia playing a key role in our brand, enabling us to showcase our most loved pieces from an iconic time period with our own aesthetic, it was important to get this right. 

Our aim is to create instant cult favourites and timeless investments.

The brands core aesthetic derives from the streets of Los Angeles and London in the eras of the 1980's and 1990’s. This year we have taken a dive into Grunge, Punk & Classic Rock scenes with the Vintage T-Shirt becoming a staple piece in our collections. With washes inspired by worn-in Harley Davidson tees and modernised with seasonal (hand-drawn) illustrations, our customers are able to achieve a classic well-worn look whilst feeling comfortable and most importantly, fresh. These graphics are applied using our environmentally friendly in house direct to garment print machine, which uses a process of printing with specialized aqueous ink jet technology. 

Live Fast, Die…. Whenever.  

Drawing a bold attitude from the Rock n Roll legend Johnny Cash,Hard Rock's Motley Crue, Hip-Hop’s The Game and marrying it with a Grunge aesthetic influenced by Nirvana and Emo Rap’s Lil Peep. Resulting in a versatile and authentic, limited edition, vintage-inspired collection, with the ‘Relic’ garment as the collection staple statement piece. 

This season sees the introduction of the Destroyed and Distressed Relic Tees & Tanks, crafted in London, online & in-stores now.

To view the Vintage Relic Collection Click Here. 


*Enzyme washing is a laundering process which uses enzymes to soften and finish fabric, without harming the garment. It is ecologically friendly due to the natural origins of enzymes, which biodegrade, instead of lingering in the water supply. 

*DTG printing is absolutely free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates (APE), making them non-hazardous, non-toxic, sustainable and biodegradable. We strive to reduce the footprint of our company, our partners, and our customers.