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The Distressed Hoodie

The Distressed Hoodie

Take a closer look at The Distressed Hoodie from our Violent Delights collection, cut in a relaxed fit and crafted by experts in London. Made from 100% British cotton, featuring heavily distressed ribbing on the wrists & waist.

It's traditional and classically cut. 

A hoodie is and always will be a staple piece for us, classic, timeless and functional. Have you ever had that thing, that no matter what, you’d keep until the end of time? It’s distressed, well-loved and vintage. That's the look we capture through our hand distressed process which is complete in our studio to achieve an individual finish, each piece is unique. A classic hoodie is incomplete without a kangaroo pocket. It’s functional, comfortable and it’s annoying when it's not there. We’ve tried them all and nothing beats this kangaroo pocket.

It only comes in black. It’s the mainline hoodie, it’s created off the basis of our essential hoodies. It’s practical, comfortable and black goes with everything. 

Also available as a half zip & full zip up Hoodie option featuring Riri hardware. With over 7 years in the fashion game, Riri zippers are a no brainer. They are smoother, longer-lasting and more durable. Plus Riri is conscious and working towards reducing their environmental footprint, something we can all agree on. Say no more. 

“The right zipper or button isn’t the sort of detail you’d notice on a runway or in a street style snap; it is immediately obvious, however, when you touch and feel - and actually wear - a garment. Though not necessarily percetable at first glance, the combination of engineering and artistry that goes into creating a single zipper can make the high prices of designer clothing far more understandable.” - Nantas Montonati, Sales & Marketing Director for the Riri Group, talks to Hypebeast about the contamination between streetwear, research and innovation.

Introducing The Distressed Hoodie.