For 400 years denim has been woven, used and discarded; made into pants and upholstery; found in museums, attics and vintage stores; worn as the fabric of honest hard work, and as the expression of raging rebellion; used by Colombus' ships in legend; and worn by the American cowboys in fact.  

Following on from our switch to a British manufactures for the vast majority of our production process, our denim is somewhat a defining part of the brand and it only seemed right to embark on a journey to find the best denim factory in Europe. After countless hours of research, late night phone calls to craftsman all-over Europe and flights out to Turkey, we finally believe the family-run factory in Istanbul is one of the best in the world.

Join our Founder, Nicky Other and Head of Design, Imtayaz Qassim in this photo series as they explore the denim process.