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If you've been wondering what the numbers before our Jeans mean then you've come to the right place, its pretty simple really it refers to the size of the ankle opening which then dictates the fit for the rest of the Jeans.

For example the 114 Jeans have a 14cm ankle opening which is our skinny fit while our 118 Jeans have an 18cm ankle opening which is a straighter lose fit.

Our 114 jeans are our signature fit denim that are characterised by their skinny-fit and 14cm ankle opening. They are cut from a strong but soft 12oz denim with just enough give to ensure comfort and flexibility in the skinny fit.  A must-have for any wardrobe.

We offer our 114 in a range of styles and colours with our most iconic being the Essential & The Rocker.

Our 118 jeans are characterised by their straight fit and 18cm ankle opening. The cropped, wide-legged shape creates a boxier lower silhouette that styles well with both fitted and relaxed upper garments. The jeans are an essential to switch up your wardrobe, they also look great rolled.

We also offer our 118 in a range of styles and colours with our most popular being the Essential & The Distressed.

All of our denim is hand crafted and finished in Europe at one of the best factories in the world. You can see more about our denim production in our previous post The Denim Process.

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