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The Cuban Shirt

The Cuban Shirt

With the newest additions to our Cuban Shirt collection the 'Tiger' & 'Web' Cuban shirt now online along with a full restock on this seasons favourite the 'Dead Havana' and classic 'Black' we thought it would be  the perfect time to give you a bit more information on the Cuban Shirt.


So what exactly is a Cuban Shirt? Its a shirt with a relaxed collar that sits flat against your skin. Characterised by this retro open collar its also known as a camp collar shirt, made popular in the 50s by film stars and celebrity musicians alike. In the US, the camp collar also goes by ‘Cuban collar’, a nod to its roots first in 18th century South America, then the Caribbean, where it was worn by farmworkers. Roll forward to the 1950s and it sailed to America on the chests of Cuban immigrants, where it was swiftly adopted by anyone sick of sweating through their work shirts. Unlike the collar of an Oxford shirt, a camp collar has next to no structure, soother are no restrictions.  They’re also designed to be worn with at least one button undone and are generally cut looser than a formal shirt, so you get even more airflow. We've spent a lot of time developing our custom pattern for the perfect fitting Cuban shirt, cut to fit relaxed yet look relatively tailored our Cuban Shirt is finished with a straight hem & side split details for easy movement & styling.

We have chosen to craft our Cuban Shirts from Rayon/viscose fabrics due to its lightweight and draping properties, it is also very difficult to crease which is a great benefit. 

The Cuban Shirt is very versatile and can be worn for almost every occasion. It works best as a statement piece worn on bare skin or over our Mainline Beater Vest for a more classic look. Finish that 50s style with a Denim Jacket or Leather Biker Jacket along with our Smoking Pants or Essential Jeans. The exposed open neckline leaves the perfect space to add a Choker Chain or necklace & if you choose to tuck then you can accessories your waist with a Safety Belt or wallet chain.