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Studio Sessions | OTHER x Ponyboy

Studio Sessions | OTHER x Ponyboy

To celebrate the launch of the season we chose to illustrate new angles with Instagrams very own Ponyboy @huntermuns. Successfully capturing a Romeo-esque look from 2013's rendition of Romeo + Juliet (an inspiration for the collection's title) and merging it with trend-led, Goth inspired, Punk Rock clothing. In addition to this Hunter clearly embodied a detached state, portraying feelings of separation and disconnectedness; a feeling we routinely experience in our society, one which is rarely discussed so it is often faced unnecessarily or necessarily alone.


The timeless Romeo and Juliet gave inspiration to the collection's title "These violent delights have violent ends / And in their triumph die, like fire and powder / Which as they kiss consume". 

Other inspirations include the 1990's American Grunge movement, 2019's revamp of the 2000's Skater Goth and Britans 1980's Punk scene.

To view the full Studio Session click here.