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Other Vintage and the History of Rock n Roll: A Look at our Latest Campaign on the Sunset Strip

Other Vintage and the History of Rock n Roll: A Look at our Latest Campaign on the Sunset Strip

The intersection of fashion and music has always been a creative hub, where the two industries collide and coalesce.

Our latest inception, Other Vintage, features a range of vintage collaboration t-shirts inspired by classic crew neck tees. Each shirt is hand-treated to create a unique and one-of-a-kind product, with the signature stitch construction and vintage wash giving it an authentic worn-out look and feel. The brand has collaborated with iconic rock bands such as Mötley Crüe, Motorhead, and KISS to produce limited edition pieces that capture the essence of rock n roll.

To promote the release of their new line, Other Vintage launched a photoshoot campaign on the famous Sunset Strip in Los Angeles. The campaign was directed & shot by Creative Director Nicky Other, and Mia Other.


The models featured in the campaign, Vanity, Sam, and Ari, are all Los Angeles natives who are deeply immersed in the up-and-coming rock n roll scene. Vanity, a model and musician, brought his own unique attitude to the shoot, while Ari, a model, embodied a sense of effortless cool. Sam, a video director and model, exuded confidence and creativity. Each of them added their own flavour to the shoot, making the campaign a true representation of the eclectic and diverse LA scene.

As the sun set over the Sunset Strip, the models donned the Other Vintage t-shirts with leather jackets and leather pants, bringing the history of rock n roll style to life. Nicky's vision and creative direction were instrumental in capturing the essence of the brand.

The resulting campaign is a celebration of the intersection of fashion and music, a testament to the enduring influence of rock n roll on style and culture. Other Vintage continues to push the boundaries of this intersection, creating innovative and unique pieces that capture the essence of the rock n roll spirit.

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The t-shirts photographed in this blog include the KISS 'World Tour' Vintage TeeMotörhead 'England' Vintage TeeMötley Crüe 'Every Mothers Nightmare' Vintage TeeKISS 'Destroyer' Vintage Tee and the Mötley Crüe 'Without You' Vintage Tee.