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Highway Blues

Highway Blues

Our latest campaign is here, 'Highway Blues.' Shot in the scorching desert landscapes of California, where we're still living life in the fast lane.

Taking inspiration from the iconic duo Bonnie and Clyde and adding a whole lot of Other, we've created a story that portrays  adventure, freedom and timelessness and mixed it with tattoos, fashion and some classic Americana (yes, I'm talking about the T-Bird).

"Our campaign features two outlaws in love, on the run, and embracing every moment of their journey."

The location is our antithesis of American freedom, taking you along Route 66 and stopping by Roy's Motel and Gas Station. A reminder of the golden age of road trips and embody the true spirit of the open road. These spots hold the spirits of our rock n roll forefathers.

Our collection is perfectly suited for this journey, featuring a range of vintage graphic t-shirts, leather pants, beater vest's, cuban shirt's and leather bralette's; perfect for embracing the rebel in you and feeling the freedom of the open road.

Pack your bags, put on your leather pants, and hit the road with us. Live life on your terms with our 'Highway Blues' collection.