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Designing the Edge: The Outlaw Denim Jacket

Designing the Edge: The Outlaw Denim Jacket

What does it take to create a true statement piece for the rock n roll wardrobe? At the heart of it all is a designer who lives and breathes the lifestyle themselves. Today, we're taking you behind the scenes to see a preview of the Outlaw Denim Jacket with Chenille Patch - a new addition to the line that's sure to make waves, designed by none other than Nicky Other.





Nicky Other, a true rocker at heart, brought his years of experience in the music industry to the design process, ensuring that every detail was infused with rebellious spirit. He started with a vision - to create a jacket that captured the essence of the outlaw, blending a classic biker style with rock-inspired details.  


From there, it was all about the design and development process. Nicky worked tirelessly, sketching and conceptualising different materials and patch designs. The skull and crossbones chenille patch was a natural choice, a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity that's long been associated with biker gangs and rock n roll.



He experimented with different washes and finishes, honing in on the perfect balance of rugged denim and refined detailing. The chenille patch was carefully crafted to be both eye-catching and durable, a feature that would stand the test of time.




As Nicky Other worked on the jacket, I had the pleasure of capturing some exclusive content. I have been creating content for underground icons and fashion for years, and today I brought my expertise to the project.




The Outlaw Denim Jacket with Chenille Patch is a true labor of love, a testament to the power of rock n roll fashion and the creativity that comes with it. Designed by Nicky Other, this jacket captures the essence of the outlaw spirit, blending classic biker style with rock-inspired details.