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Aaaaahhhh its Snaggletooth!

Aaaaahhhh its Snaggletooth!

Hot off the press this week is a new (old) addition from the mighty Motorhead.

We pay homage to the 1982 Iron First Tour with this Epic Snaggletooth design where he is rocking the Blue Denim, Biker Jacket & wielding an axe. This was originally available on the Spring leg of the 82 Iron Fist tour and is available once again for a limited time only.

Every Tee has been individually treated to create a unique and one off product, all hand washed, printed, distressed, aged, beaten, blasted & burned here in our UK studio using a signature blend of authentic vintage plastisol inks for the perfect worn-in” vintage vibe, look and feel.

The Motorhead Iron Fist 1982 World Tour was a monumental moment in the band's history. Building upon their reputation as the epitome of hard-hitting, uncompromising heavy metal, Motorhead took to the road to unleash their ferocious sound on legions of loyal fans. With Lemmy Kilmister's distinctive gravelly vocals, Fast Eddie Clarke's blistering guitar riffs, and Philthy Animal Taylor's thunderous drumming, the band forged a sonic onslaught that left audiences in awe.

The tour's setlist was a fiery collection of Motorhead's most beloved hits, including the eponymous "Iron Fist," "Ace of Spades," and "Overkill." These anthems of rebellion and raw power echoed through venues, captivating crowds and inciting frenzied headbanging and mosh pits. Motorhead's high-energy performances and sheer intensity created an atmosphere unlike anything witnessed before. 

Although the Motorhead Iron Fist 1982 World Tour has become a piece of heavy metal history, its impact still reverberates within the music world. The unrelenting power of Motorhead's sound and their uncompromising dedication to their craft continue to inspire generations of metalheads to this day.

So, whether you were fortunate enough to witness the Motorhead Iron Fist 1982 World Tour firsthand or you're a fan who wishes to pay homage to this legendary era, donning the iconic t-shirt design is a perfect way to celebrate the band's enduring legacy. Let the world know that you're a true disciple of heavy metal and that the spirit of Motorhead's Iron Fist tour lives on within you.

Rock on, fellow headbangers, and keep the flame of Motorhead burning bright!

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