Formed in 2012 by Nicky Other - OTHER UK is a British Design Studio & Lifestyle brand that merges street & high-end sensibilities.

Contemporary & timeless styles combine with the highest quality fabrics & craftsmanship to form the landscape on which a new movement has begun.

With every collection, the brand continues to grow and evolve while blurring the lines between modern and vintage fashion alongside alternative and urban styling.

Everything is designed in the UK at OTHER STUDIOS and produced using the the finest manufacturers across the globe including 100% British made footwear & European made denim.

With quality over quantity being at the heart of the brand, the core focus is on the customer and providing unique and original designs built on nostalgia mixed with a contemporary vision and aesthetic, reworking timeless classics and influence into a 21st-century appeal that can be adapted to easily create your own personal style.

" Many designers and stylists insist on telling a story with each collection or outfit they assemble, for me that story is to simply represent who I am, who I've been and who I want to be, that's the goal with everything we create. " - Nicky Other
We are the rule breakers & thought provokers, outcasts & innovators
We are the original & the unorthodox
We are the box on the form for the answer that wasn't anticipated
We are those that refuse to stand in line & that don't fit the mold.
We defy stereotypes & push boundaries
We are the unexpected
We are the Others
Be original be OTHER