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DIY Denim

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DIY Denim

There’s no question, the youth are heavily influenced by the 95 million Instagram posts published online daily, and with this in mind we've decided to take a step back from the picture perfect chaos to reinject some classic 1990’s Punk Rock rebelliousness. Reinventing the eras iconically styled denim and blending it with the aesthetic of today to give the youth attitude and freedom.  

Punk is important.

It keeps people honest. When society gets too far up its own ass, punk is there to bring it back to its emotional base. It’s not technically brilliant or complex but it hits the reset button on an industry that becomes bloated by its own self importance, screaming frustrations into the ether and giving a voice to the millions who had previously been frustratingly silent. 

A modern take. 

Reintroducing another timeless piece for this generation to appreciate, inspired by the creative minds that proceed us and modernising it with timely statements and artwork. The DIY denim jacket comes in various editions, the collections apex being the Violent Delights Denim Jacket, coming complete with heavy washes, extreme distressing, branded patches and hand-drawn illustrations; including the trend lead barb wire and spider web graphic.

Punk is necessary. 

As long as teenage angst exists each generation will search for their own version of punk. Just turn on the radio to hear an infinite number of synonymous artists singing synonymous songs, many lacking originality. Yet somewhere out there the next  Nirvana (Lil Peep) is practicing and no matter what the critics call it, punk lies in your heart and its reaching for the reset; destroy to create. 

Violent Delights, online and in stores now.  

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“Violent delights have violent ends” - Friar Lawrence, Romeo and Juliet.