Limited Edition Skeleton Biker Jacket

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__biSgid://shopify/OnlineStoreArticle/402584174743_key_body_html__bii Introducing the Limited Edition Skeleton Biker Jacket crafted from a 100% full grain leather and finished hand painted skeleton graphic. Shop Now Inspired by the Iconic Axl Rose of Guns N Roses The Skeleton Leather Jacket is our take on the original Perfecto Biker Jacket and embraces the rebellious attitude cultivated by its predecessor with an added contemporary edge. Cut in a perfected relaxed fit & crafted from a medium weight, full grain sheepskin. Finished with YKK hardware.  __biE

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The Weiland Fedora

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__biSgid://shopify/OnlineStoreArticle/393338683543_key_body_html__bii Introducing The Weiland Fedora a dark grey heavily reliced Fedora. Hand crafted from 100% Merino wool & featuring a cotton headband, stiff brim & adjustable fit. Finished with a distressed bandana, waxed rope and our signature guitar pic. Inspired by the iconic Scott Weiland   SHOP HEADWEAR__biE

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The Bolo Tie

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__biSgid://shopify/OnlineStoreArticle/391097319575_key_body_html__bii Introducing the newest addition to our Bolo Tie Collection the 'Gun Metal Bolo Tie.Featuring an a raw gun metal finish and our new matte black supple leather braided ropeInject a hint of western spirit into any outfit with the Gun Bolo Tie, pair with our Flannel shirt for a more traditional look or over a Vintage Tee for a modern take. __biE

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